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Produced by Theatre Born Between for the 2019 Toronto Fringe Festival
Preschool Room at the Scadding Court Community Centre
July 4-14, 2019

Written by: Gabe Golin
Directed by: Bryn Kennedy
Composed by: Lucas Penner
Stage Managed by: Ciaran Brenneman
Movement Coaching by: John Wamsley

Cast: Graham Conway, Erin Humphrey, Keaton Kwok, Elizabeth Staples, John Wamsley & Lindsay Wu

Beneath the Bed was generously supported by the Toronto Arts Council.

In the aftermath of a trauma, a young Child meets a Monster living under their bed and together they discover through searching the stars that this too will pass. But then it doesn’t. A new Child is born, the Monster reappears, and the cycle starts again. An exploration of childhood and imagination, grief and loss, supported by a chorus of four creatures called Whispers, this is Beneath the Bed. It’s a Pixar movie come to life before your eyes, exploding with music, wit, heart, and joy. 

“Director Bryn Kennedy and the cast of Beneath the Bed made use of deliciously artful movement and a capella singing to create an experience that recalled for me the fertile imagination of childhood, where every shadow, every object, every creaky floorboard can spring to life in lighthearted fun or courageous adventure.” – Courtney Ch’ng Lancaster, Director, Howland Theatre Company

“Music, puppetry, dress-up and everyday objects imaginatively employed combine to tell a story of joy, sadness and back again. It’s story time for all ages […] Lovely work from the cast in this beautiful, moving and delightful journey.” – Cate McKim, life with more cowbell review

“Bryn Kennedy’s direction is tight, purposeful and creative.” – Jennifer McKinley, Mooney on Theatre

“Beneath the Bed is sweet, funny, and truly inventive. It’s a show to be enjoyed by both adults and children: the cast is versatile and charming; the script is moving; and the stagecraft is delightful.” – Lisa Lambert, Tony Award-winning Composer of The Drowsy Chaperone

“Beneath the Bed is a truly magical new work, inventively directed and wonderfully performed. I was charmed, transported, and enchanted by the whole experience.” – Kevin Matthew Wong, Associate Producer, Why Not Theatre

“The only thing better than watching the beautiful world onstage of Beneath the Bed was watching the children who were in the audience. They were transfixed: kneeling on their chairs, laughing at a monster, and looking for the stars. True Fringe magic.” – Ali Joy Richardson, Former Artistic Producer of Paprika Festival