Bryn was thrilled to have her Artist Perspective, To the Theatre School Graduates of 2019, published by Intermission Magazine:

“I wrote this because I had thoughts rolling around in my head about a very difficult period of my life. I wrote this because I wish that someone had said these words to me. I wrote this because I needed to process what had happened. And I thought it was possible that this year, there might be someone else who would need to as well.”

Read the full article here. It was also named one of their 10 Most Popular Articles of 2019.

Bryn participated in the photo series Portraits of Vulnerability from the blog, Creatively Different. The project focuses on the power and connection that comes from “embracing your authenticity and expressing vulnerability“.

What Makes You Authentic?
“I have never been afraid of being different and I have rarely cared about what people think. I wasn’t one of the girls in high school who tried to dress like everyone else or be interested in the same things. I stubbornly and with purpose went in the opposite direction, sometimes to my own detriment. I have always, always been exactly myself, a definition that has, of course, shifted over the years, but I was true to whatever it was in the moment. I found what I loved at a young age, forged my own path, and never looked back.”

Click here and scroll down (way down!) to read her full interview.