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Design Workshop
Produced by Pantheon Projects
Franco Boni Theatre, Theatre Centre
January 2024

Supported by Canada Council for the Arts, Toronto Arts Council and Cahoots Theatre

Written by: Camille Intson
Directed by: Bryn Kennedy
Projection Design by :Nicole Eun-Ju Bell
Lighting Design by: Logan Raju Cracknell
Set Design by: Julia Kim

Cast: Liz Der, Brett Houghton & Durae McFarlane

Welcome to JANE. Log in, submit your partner’s pictures, and indulge in your deepest fantasies. When college computer-science whizz Martin goes bankrupt, creating JANE — a virtual reality deepfake pornography experience — seems like a good way to make a quick buck. But when the prototype gets out of his hands and spins out of control, Martin finds himself in a cesspool of dangerous secrets bubbling beneath the surface of his college campus. JANE is a play about consent, desire, and the consequences of our virtual actions.