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Happy Family

A social worker, a business exec, and a guy who lives in the basement, all walk into a park. Their mom is missing, and they all want to get her safely back to the seniors’ home … or do they?

Happy Family, an original play by Shelley M. Hobbs, was presented as part of the 2017 Toronto Fringe Festival, running from July 5-16th at the Franco Boni Theatre in the Theatre Centre. This play explored the fracturing of a family unit when they are forced to come together in the midst of a crisis. Past history is dredged up, secrets are revealed and the relationship between the three siblings is intrinsically changed as a result.

“Other Life Production’s show… did not disappoint — it presented a deeply flawed unit teetering, as they said themselves, on the edge of something big… It was a thought provoking, interesting show that had moments of both hilarity and growth.” – Mooney on Theatre Review

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